Sir Nigel Gresley – 28th February 2009

Going to Bescot to see Sir Nigel Gresley (A4 Steam Engine) on 28th Feb 2009. Haven’t seen an A4 for a good few years, and will be a decent photo op.

*Update* Due to Bex’s illness, we’re off for a night in Porthmadog instead, take in the Ffestiniog railway and Portmerion. We shall go and visit Sir Nige later on, as it’s at the Severn Vally Railway!

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  1. Sorry Mike, was sidetracked….as I’m sure you found it, it was due to arrive lateish, about 4:30 ish…decided to give it a miss, as photo’s would look dire…

    However, am half decided on going to see it @ Tamworth 2morrow (14th March) as it will be ther at approx 10:12.

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