Favourite Tunes…

Quite a difficult choice to narrow down to 10 of my faves, but here you go, in order!

  1. Subliminal Sensuality – Bekki Williams (from the CD Innersense)
  2. Behind The Mask, Live version Budokan 1983 – Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra, from the CD After Service)
  3. Oxygéné Part 4 – Jean Michel Jarre (from Oxygéne of course)
  4. Darkness Comes – Mark Shreeve (from Crashhead)
  5. Majora Is Still Alive – Johannes Schmoelling (from Wuivend Riet)
  6. Key – Y.M.O. (from Technodelic)
  7. Oxygéne Part 2 – Jean Michel Jarre (from Oxygéne)
  8. Storm Column – Mark Shreeve (from Legion)
  9. Synthesis Part 1 – Mark Shreeve (from Pulsar)
  10. Barbakane (cheat really it’s an album side) – Tangerine Dream (from Poland)

This will change, probably…in the morning!!!

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