Programs everyone should install…

This is my quick guide to the programs I believe everyone should install if they have a Windows PC.

1. Spybot Search & Destroy
Fantastic tool, not only does it detect and remove most spyware and malware, but it does it pretty quickly and efficiently. Also, the immunisation facility means that most people don’t get caught out in the first place!

2. CCleaner
Quickly removes downloaded internet files, cookies and internet history. Has a very useful set of tools for uninstalling programs that add/remove in control panel doesn’t always deal with, and has a nice registry cleaner to boot. However, the registry cleaner kills Windows 7 installs so bear that in mind!

3. Firefox 3
I wouldn’t go back to any other browser now, it’s quick, stable, and I’ve got so used to the tabs and add-ons I’d be lost!

4.AVG Free 8.5
My favourite anti-virus, simply because it runs on slower hardware quite nicely. Seems to be pretty reliable and trustworthy and as a favourite I’m used to it’s layout!

Obviously an XP only recommendation, but the tools on hand here speed up that tired old XP PC no end. The boot speed reductions on their own are worth a fortune in time savings…

This is only a small list, not exhaustive at all, so bear that in mind!

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