BT Mobile Broadband!

Anyone who knows me well will know that my house is located in a very rural area. We recently decided to get BT Mobile Broadband as we camp quite often and thought it would be a good idea. The deal we managed to get was very good, £9.99 one off payment, and then 1 gig of free data useage a month. The USB dongle arrived about 3 days after placing the order, and it’s quite nice, a Huawei E180. It comes with a nice USB extension cable, which actually makes a difference as my laptop seems to interfere with the signal if it’s not used, and can also take a micro-SD card for extra storage. The actual service used is Vodaphone, and whilst coverage by us is spotty, when you get a signal it seems decent if slow compared to our ADSL service at home, though admittedly I’ve only managed to connect via a GPRS signal, which is limited to about 64k/second!

Installation was fairly simple, but due to the dire signal in the house, I couldn’t get the system up and running and had to get in the car and seek a stronger signal. Once out and about, and with the extension cable, it wasn’t too long before I was up and running…and then the BT Connection manager popped up and decided to update itself…15 mins later and we’re off..and it works ok, though slow sometimes. The BT Connection Manager is the usual BT standard, works but always could be better and faster, and the startu time can be a bit of a bind (over 30 secs till online sometimes) but otherwise I’m pretty pleased, and it will mean we can stay connected nearly everywhere we go. So, to cap off a small overview, I’d give the package 7 out of 10 overall, but cost and value I’d give a 9.5 as 1 gig free for a one-off £9.99 is superb value for money in my book.

Also, the dongle has no issues with Windows 7, so another thumbs up there, and just to illustrate it’s usefullness, I’m sitting in the car as I write this on the laptop connected using the service….

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