F1 – The season so far….

OK, here’s my take on the current F1 season so far (9th June 2009)!

Well the rule changes have certainly changed things a bit haven’t they! There are some real winners and losers out there. Winners include BrawnGP, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and Red Bull. Losers include Ferrari (yey!), Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton and BMW. The Brawn appears a very nicely thought out design, adaptable, quick and reliable, whilst the BMW’s for example is like last years Honda (good riddance). Jenson is enjoying his time at the front, and even Rubens is upbeat. Kimi seems like a man lost in F1 and Massa has made a couple of huge blunders. The racing, however seems to me to be a bit improved this year, and I’m enjoying this season much more than last years….

Jenson’s winning because he’s so dependable at the moment. He’s made it count when needed, been fast and also he’s been able to conserve his tyres and engines superbly. Rubens has made some mistakes and not always had the luck on his side, which has made the difference. The RBR guys are also doing a great job, and have just not seemed to be able to pull out the lead and/or get it right to make them multiple winners.

Lewis Hamilton seems resigned to finishing well down in the standings, although he’s had it easy in F1 terms for the last 2 seasons. At least he’s beginning to lose his smug schoolboy attitude a little…

Ferrari haven’t seemed to get the idea of the new regulations at all. Their car doesn’t seem like a race winner, nor do the drivers either! They just look slow and tardy, and without KERS I reckon they’d be without points at all this season.

BMW are paying the price for being indecisive. They should have developed last years car more, and then Kubica might have been champion. If not, then they should have made a real effort to push the boundaries with this car (like Brawn have) and they would be much happier. As it is, they just seem to be also rans again, which I can’t see will help their cause for 2010 and onwards.

Anyway, that’s just a quick review so far, please leave me some comments!

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