London Weekend, 24th & 25th October 2009!

We decided to go to London over the weekend of 24th and 25th October. We stopped at Bex’s mum’s in Slough, making it easy to get a train in, which is much less hassle and cheaper! Although a weekend is never enough time to do a great deal in London, we took Alex’s mate Meg, who really wanted to go on The London Eye, although we didn’t tell them that was the plan…

The London Eye

We went for another trip on The London Eye, although Meg’s trip was her first…First we went in the 4D show, which was quite good actually. They used bubble machines, water squirters and lights to help it along…and the 3D film was quite impressive, even if the glasses are still pants…

The weather was overcast, but you could still see a fair view, especially when about half way up! The customer service however seems to have dropped off since Merlin Entertainments started running the show, with us waiting longer than we used to, and the customer service guys and gals less bothered…


Lunch was at Wagamamma’s, Festival Hall, just down the embannkment. Always good, we enjoyed this, and the service was quick even though the place was exceedingly busy!

Science Museum

We then decided to take a trip across to the Science Museum. Free entrance makes this a great place to go and spend a few hours, we only saw about 20% of the place, we might have to actually go back and visit again!!!


After all that excitement, we headed back to Paddington, picking up some Krispy Creme’s along the way…

The first train we got on (HST 125) decided to die, so we ran across to a little farty thing, which luckily enough was straight through to Slough, and off we went. Back to the mother-in-law’s for chicken casserole and bed!

Sunday dawned a bit brighter, so we decided to visit Windsor!

Windsor Castle

A quick walk around Windsor, taking in the castle and a look down The Long Walk, even saw a celebrity! (Kris Marshall, him off the BT ads…oh and Love Actually!)

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