Lightroom 3 Beta 2!

Adobe have just released the latest beta of Lightroom 3. Many improvements, the main thing I noticed is an improved “snappiness” to the program. There is a new process 2010 which improves the final image too! You can run Lightroom 3 as a full beta without ruining your Lightroom 1 or 2 install either, only caveat being when the full version is released then you need to upgrade to continue using version 3. Anyway, I like the new version, and the improvements it brings, and have had a play with a few of my images. As I run Windows 7 64-bit it’s now a pretty quick program, and one I shall upgrade to when the time comes…

Here’s an image processed using the new beta….

Mini exiting watersplash, AGBO Rally
Mini exiting watersplash, AGBO Rally

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