ubuntu a go-go!

I run a small Atom powered server at home, and recently I decided to run Linux – specifically Ubuntu on it!

After waiting for the 10.10 release to get near to being finalized, I downloaded it and went for it. My server is very basic, and has no cd-rom attached, so first I struggled and tried to install from usb-stick, but gave up as it was having none of it, and attached a sata dvd-rom to boot from. Eventually I got it all up and running, only to find that KDE (my window manager of choice) was quite unstable and had to re-install 3 times to get it going, the last time with Gnome. Anyway, it’s running now, much quicker than it was with Windows XP, but I still might switch back to KDE if I can iron out the problems as it was sooo much nicer in my opinion! Just to prove all is up and running fine, this was posted from the Atom box!!!

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