Are Apple becoming victims of their own success?

It appears that yet another bug or glitch has hit the iPhone’s alarm function!

I’m beginning to feel that Apple’s bubble is about to burst. The iPad 2 hasn’t been that well reviewed, although I’m sure it will sell by the bucketload. iPod’s sales are down, and the iPhone looks to be losing marketshare fast to Android. For as long as I can remember, Apple has made these great promises about their products “just working” and as yet another stupid bug that should have been fixed months ago rears it’s ugly head I’m beginning to hear rumours of people getting a bit fed up that their expensive toys “just don’t work”. My son has an iPod and it causes a world of pain with iTunes being pretty useless on a Windows PC, updates all the time, and all the associated rubbish it brings to the table. I completely understand how Apple has got in this position, the iPod is still probably the best MP3 player/pocket browser/free game machine on the market, but if it’s not careful people will vote with their feet and then they will suffer. Fixing a glitch that has reared it’s head about 5 times now in various guises is something that even Microsoft are getting the hang of, and Apple needs to keep a track of what people are beginning to say. Their hard won reputation is on the line if they continue to screw up like this.


Do you agree/disagree? The Apple fans are amongst the most vocal out there, I’d love to hear some opinions!

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