Sony’s woes, what does this mean for the gaming industry?

I’ve been watching with a great deal of interest the storm brewing over Sony’s problems with their networks being hacked. It does seem that as a corporation, Sony can be hugely aloof and cocky, do we remember the rootkit incident?

Well, as the Playstation network is still down, and now followed by the hacking of the Sony Online Entertainment that has just been announced they are certainly having a rough couple of weeks. The problem is, as I see it, that all of the large corporations who have vast numbers of users that provide credit card details are going to be watching this with a great deal of interest. The numbers are huge, 77 million accounts on PSN and now almost 25 million on SOE. The implications are huge, although there are probably duplicates in both these as people are almost certain to have accounts with both, but rest assured, there are probably a huge number of unique accounts that havebeen compromised. Microsoft will be taking steps I’m sure, to make sure that they aren’t hit. But gamers are likely to get jittery after all this bad publicity. I wonder how many will desert Sony after these problems? I know if I was one that could have been hit (or my family) that I’d think long and hard about continuing using a network that appears to have been easily breached…

I’m sure that the figures will come out soon, but I reckon these attacks will continue to drag Sony down for a while. They were slow to acknowledge anything was wrong, slow to confirm that account data was compromised, but more importantly, seem to have been slow to respond. This is pretty damning in some eyes of a corporation that doesn’t care….I’d like to see what comments/thoughts people have on this!

*Latest Update* It appears that Sony may start paying the price for this fiasco. Shares are down a little over 2.3% so far…

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