Busy, busy, busy!

Hi all, just a quick post to explain why I’ve not been about much…firstly, my sleep apnoea and CPAP machine has taken some getting used to and has caused me all sorts of problems, but I’m getting on top of it now. Secondly, my good lady wife has had a kidney infection which has made her pretty ill, so I’ve been busy helping make sure she recovers! Thirdly, our beautiful daughter is growing up rapidly and making herself a handful, which has given me less and less time to post. And lastly, but not least, I’ve been doing plenty of bits and pieces around the house. I’m sorting out the kitchen, with a nice Neff oven and hob to be put in shortly, I’ve built myself a nice rack mounted muzak pc with all the setup time that goes into that, with a desk and rack units to go in soon, and I’ve also fitted in a rebuild of Alex’s computer because it was running like a dog. Add in a new telly which has been wall-mounted with the old one going into the bedroom, and bang the weeks have flown by! Here’s to some more posts, some music being sorted and uploaded and a great spring….only the garden to get moving on now!


Take care all!

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