Puma bits…

So I got down to work on the Puma yesterday, got quite a few things sorted. Battery was duff so for now got a s/hand one and fitted it, starts fine now and runs pretty sweet. Sorted out new batteries in the key fob and programmed it to the car, so now remote locking/unlocking works! Fixed fog lights because of a loose fuse. Need to sort out stereo, and the sidelight and dash lights don’t work because I think the steering wheel stalk switched are faulty. So today, I’ll be finding out the exact part for the stalk switches and getting a replacement, and giving the lights a quick going over as I think a bulb is out on the rear…

Whilst I’ve been doing stuff I’ve come across some nice mods I’ll be doing – some blue led’s for the dash lights is a must, possibly changing the clock light to blue too.

Puma Battery
Puma Battery

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