Happy Christmas Petra Puma!

As it’s Christmas day, and I’m home alone….I decided to be nice to PP! So, I bought her some toothpaste (£1 from Poundland!). Why did I do that, I hear you ask? To clean her headlights I say!

Headlights - dirty
Headlights – dirty

Here are the headlights BEFORE cleaning…Very dull and smeary, and terrible. Really terrible in fact! So out with the toothpaste!


headlights - toothpaste
headlights – toothpaste

I then buffed it it fairly gently for approx. 5 mins each side….


headlights - toothpasty!
headlights – toothpasty!

And here below, we have the final result. Difficult to see but there is a marked improvement! I’ll do them again a few times, and once the weather improves will remove them and do the inside. As a bonus, the car smells minty!

headlights - minty!
headlights – minty!

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