Flip Martian – Love Honour Obey EP

I was lucky enough to get a copy of Flip Martian aka Phil Marsh’s new EP (blagged it as I said it was free promotion!) so here’s the ahem Review! Sometimes you receive something and really have no idea or preconception of what it’s going to be like – this is one of those times. What I actually got is a substantial slice of off-beat synth pop. Solid beats and great production from the young but talented Sam Wale tie in with 80’s sounding analogue synths and spoken vocals that are treated to sound haunting but melodic. The mixes are fairly loud but not too loud so the dynamics are lost, I like it! It sounds 80’s but modern at the same time…

Anyway – all 4 tracks are strong, a great debut (though a long time coming!) and you can purchase them from Bandcamp HERE

Cheers Phil. Nice one! Check out Flip’s ReverbNation page HERE

And check out his Soundcloud page HERE

Flip Martian
Flip Martian

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