Awakening German Night 24th June 2017

It was a pleasure to be at the German night from Awakenings last Saturday night. We setup our small lighting rig setup which now includes a star cluster laser and an RGB laser and I enjoyed trying to convey the mood of the music with the lights. The set was great and the guys were also excellent!

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Lovers of ambient Em should check the guys out!

Remember these great nights are only £15 for a ticket. We have a great atmosphere in our small venue and quite often the artists are available to chat to freely. If you cannot make it to the gig then you can support us with a Virtual Ticket or VT which entitles you to a high quality recording of the gig to download a few days after the eventin FLAC or MP3 formats. I urge you to consider purchasing VT’s so these great gigs continue, they represent the best of the worlds ambient EM musicians playing great sets and are well worth the purchase price. Of course the gig attendees get a VT too to keep 😉

For more details please see the Awakenings website!

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