Amazfit Bip

Are you in the market for a smartwatch but can’t afford one of the big hitters – both in features and price? Perhaps this might be of interest to you then…

Available for round about £50 – £60 in the UK, the value of this watch is amazing. It features a gps, heart rate monitor, step counter and sleep tracker.
It’s styled like an iwatch, the design is good if a bit bland – but it’s well made and has Gorilla Glass over the display so *should* be pretty tough. Also it has a touchscreen under there and a single button which is used to wake it up.
The display is bright and uses reflective technology to improve the battery life (I’ll come to that later) and is pretty easy to read. It’s not the highest resolution screen but it’s prefectly acceptable, especially for the price. You need to download the companion app which will sync the data from the watch, and whilst it’s not the fastest sync out there it’s pretty good. Once charged and synced it updates which can take 5 mins and then you’re good to go.
There are some pretty basic watchfaces to play with, and then it’s just a case of setting it up and off you go. Press button to wake, swipe around and press the screen. All fairly simple and easy to do. But there is an ace up it’s sleeve – yes battery life. It’s a claimed 30 days plus! And boy, whilst it’s probably not going to do that with all the messing about as we set it up and played etc. but 14 days is easily achievable with pretty heavy use. A whole day of messing, playing, swiping cut the battery life down by 7%. The following day with less messing cut it by 4&. Compare that to Apples finest which according to friends is a daily recharge if not twice daily…

So all in all it’s a bargain. The good lady is very impressed and likes it more than the Pebble it has replaced. I like it so much that once funds are available I shall upgrade too. Recommended to at least dip your toe in the smartwatch world if you haven’t yet tried it….


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