Powys County Council…


After almost a month and continued contact with various organisations in Powys County Council I’m still totally unimpressed with the service they provide. They are abysmal at keeping you informed, I’ve had rude and unprofessional staff, issues with a poor telephone service that cuts you off and have come away with a feeling that they are in dire need of an overhaul.

So it comes as no surprise that although I keep raising issues they seem quite happy to spend the limited manpower they have (by their own admission I hasten to add) to check out my blog here. Perhaps I am doing them an injustice in case by a miracle they are actually doing a thorough and serious investigation now. I mean we’re only into the second month here of me raising issues.

However in a strange twist I’ve been fairly impressed by the service offered by the various complaints departments. They are much better at keeping you in contact and actually contact you back when they say they are going to. I guess the fact that the service is so poor means the complaints department have to step up!

I guess that this set of issues I have will be running for a long time yet. I am determined to see it through to get a resolution that I’m satisfied with.

Below are just a handful of damning reports into Powys CC and it’s performance







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