Amazfit Pace – updated thoughts

I’ve had my Amazfit Pace for around a month now and have decided to update my thoughts on it now. I love the Pace, for the price it suits me just fine. The battery life has settled down to 3 days on average now I’m using the gps and tracking functions a bit more with the gps on and heart rate tracking too.

Once you activate the walking activity widget it tracks you and let’s you know a lot of info like time, steps etc. Once you exit the widget it syncs with your watch (and Strava if you wish) and you can explore the activity on your smartphone like the screenshot above. Pretty clever but pretty standard these days. It does hit the battery life quite hard though – I lose a little over 24 hours from a full charge when I use the activity tracker due to the gps and heart rate monitors. I *may* start turning on airplane mode when I go to bed to see if I can eek out a bit more battery life, but at the moment the 3 full days is pretty good in my book. There have been a few updates to the app and firmware and both seem to be working just fine with me having no major issues. I’ve not really used the music playback functions much as I tend to take my phone with me – but the option is there if I begin running again like I plan to, so I will just take watch with me and no phone…

All in all I’m exceddingly pleased with my Pace. It wears well and doesn’t appear to scratch or mark easily. Battery life is fine at 3 full days with my useage pattern and overall it’s a solid 9 out 10 watch. Only issues I have is it can be a bit slow at times… but nothing that annoys me too much. And seeing as it’s available in a few places for £100 compared to others at double that price I’m pleased…

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