MJX Bugs 3 Pro Mini Review

I recently bought myself an MJX Bugs 3 Pro drone. I have intended to do a proper review but quite quickly found that a few issues I thought I could overcome were slightly harder than anticipated so have decided to write a small review and some thoughts here whilst I attempt some new directions to see if I can improve things.

Here is a picture taken with the Bugs 3 drone and it’s bundled camera. Processed in Adobe Lightroom I’m pretty pleased with the picture. However it is very apparent that whilst the drone is incredible value (I paid £130 for the drone, 1080p camera and 2 batteries) the camera isn’t a brilliant piece of kit. I know it’s entry level but the camera is pretty poor. Still picture performance is adequate and for £130 I’m pleased with it, but video quality is pretty damn awful as there is no gimbal and the camera suffers greatly from many artifacts! Check out the footage below straight from the camera of the above flight whilst getting the picture above and you will see what i mean.

I purchased a mount to attach my Yi camera to see if that improved things, but this is a sub optimal solution for many reasons, the biggest being that both the Yi and drone operate on 2.4ghz and the drone becomes unresponsive and the Yi at various points – and the drone suffers from severe vibration issues as the Yi is about 25% heavier than the camera it replaces. Removing the battery and powering the Yi from the drone improves the balance issues mostly but there are still problems with wifi and the bugs app loses most of it’s functionality. The video footage is still pretty poor as there is no decent stabilisation on the bog standard Yi. I considered upgrading to a Yi 4k+ but that is more than the drone costs and I severely doubt it would improve things greatly. This led me to investigate other options such as adding my Gear 360 but that is simply too big to mount easily and again quite heavy. Perhaps a Gear 360 2016 model would be a better option, at least size wise it would fit but I have not pursued that yet…

So this leads me to the next option – do I upgrade to a s/hand DJI Mavic which boasts a gimbal built in? The cost is a lot more – say £500 in good condition, but the camera is better and also with a gimbal the video footage is several magnitudes better. I feel it will have to wait but it is looking really appealing right now before drone laws and regulations are tightened up a lot more!

So in short, I shall continue to try and use the drone and decide if an upgrade is a worthy option. I hope you like the video and mini review – I’m not disappointed at all with the purchase, not even in the slightest. I just have the upgrade bug (sic) now!

PS the video also has my own jam recorded recently to accompany it 😉

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