MJX Bugs 3 Pro review

I decided to do a more long term review of my drone purchase. I present to you the MJX Bugs 3 Pro drone with GPS!

I received my drone from Amazon for a bargain price of £130 in the UK. For a GPS enabled drone with a 1080p camera (more on that later) I thought it was a bargain, and not too much spend if I didn’t end up using it. I already had a Syma X8 which although great required a lot of work just to take off and land as no altitude hold or anything. The Bugs 3 Pro has altitude control and 1-touch take-off and land! I quickly unpacked it and set it up which is easy and proceeded to charge the batteries and then read the manual. Not a great deal to read but I did it anyway with a view to a quick flight the following day….

So the following day I trolled off to a local park area and took my first flights. It was so easy compared to the Syma. Calibrate the gps first, ensure the lights are solid. Place on ground. Unlock. Press button and you’re up! Miles better performance too. The companion app makes taking video and pictures easy, and there is a return home button just to make sure it all works well.

This picture was taken a few flights later – but you can see, it’s not too bad at all! Video from first flight(s) is below

And straight away you can probably find the first issues. There is NO gimbal on this drone so the video footage can be pretty choppy. I have taken a few video now and they are all a bit ropey. I attempted to try and mount my Yi camera, but it’s a 2.4ghz wifi device like the Bugs 3 is and they don’t like it. You also lose a few features that the bundled camera gives you so unless I upgrade to a Yi 4k+ or GoPro 7 with IS I feel the video shall nearly always be lacking. Bear in mind that a £130 drone with 2 sets of batteries and 2 sets of props with gps and a 1080p camera is still amazing value for money. As an entry level drone you can’t go wrong in my opinion. Flys well. I’ve had one time when the gps didn’t lock and other than that no issues at all. It comes back nicely, it flys and hovers really well even if the wind is strong and the app whilst not the best app ever seems robust enough. The app also provides a real time feed of the camera so you can hlep position yourself for pics and then a quick press on the remote controller take a snap.

This video show Burton Dassett near us. Again a bit choppy but it was a bit windy and again great fun!

The clarity is actually pretty decent. These tester flight whetted my appetite for a serious project/experiment. So I decided to pick something that being photographed lends itself perfectly to a drone. Knucklas Viaduct near Knighton Powys. 13 arches, 75 feet up and built from reclaimed stone from a castle so it is castellated! Aiming for a project sure helped me focus on the task in hand, and to be really honest I’m really pleased with the results, but it has given me a severe case of upgradeitis. Looking at a DJI Mavic second hand now as it has a gimbal etc.!!!! If funds allow a Yi 4k+ might be purchased as well to see how that improves things as I could always use the upgrade to my action camera anyhoo. Take a look at the pics – there are more on my Instagram, website and other places. I’ll pop the links at the bottom of this post!

Instagram profile is : https://www.instagram.com/3dcandy_photography/
Website URL is : www.3dcandy.photography
Youtube channel is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUPdleHOub53Opdp6t_zjEg

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