Shiny new computer ;)

I’ve finally managed to upgrade my work computer (this one I’m typing on right now) after little secondhand upgrades over the last few years with a brand new one!

It is a Ryzen 5 2600 (I know not a brand spanking new 3000 cpu) 6core 12 thread chip, with an Asus Prime B450M-A motherboard, 16 gig of 2400 ram and a shiny Corsair Force MP510 nvme drive. After a few difficulties getting it up and running mainly related to my backup of my old system it’s running fine and super fast now!

I’m really pleased with the performance, my old 6c12t Xeon X5670 scored around 1400 points in cinebench 20 and this new system is around 2950 ish which is a nice healthy around twice as fast and the crystal disk mark is a mahoosive improvement over the old system

So this is a great addition to my systems at home – next the “old” system is going across into my music pc which will also be a huge boost!

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