Samsung Gear VR and controller!

Managed to snag a Samsung Gear VR recently for the substantial sum of £20 from CeX. It’san R324 model so not quite the latest but does work with my Galaxy S9 rather well.

As a piece of kit it’s really pretty good – and at £20 if you have a phone to use it (basically S7 up to S10) then I recommend it for a nice way to pass some time. There are some great apps and games available for free and seeing as I have a Gear 360 it’s really pretty cool to see the 360 photos kinda how they should be seen. It was an impulse purchase but one that has proved to be worth it!

If you get the chance to try one or purchase one for as cheap as I managed it – then I say go for it. Quick warning though, it does use the battery on phone very very quickly and make the phone quite warm!

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