The British Motor Museum

Took a trip to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon. It’s only like 15 mins away from where we live but we never managed to go yet 😉

Best bits where the classic Mini’s…. including this beauty which won the Monte Carlo Rally!

Also there was first Mini off the production line…

And the last Mini off the production line!!!

All in all we had a great day. Plenty of cars to see and many I didn’t even take pics of. There are 2 albums on Flickr though for you to take a looksy at

The British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum

It’s well worth a trip for anyone with an interest in motors 😉

London Trip 2019

As it was our first wedding anniversary we decided to go on a trip to the big smoke. We took in the London Eye and the Natural History Museum 😉

We had a lovely time but of course it was over all to soon! Will have to have more days oot I think!!!

The above picture is of an amazing exhibit in the Natural History Museum. A huge illuminated moon. Check out the link below 😉

A gallery of the pictures I took including 360° pictures is on Flickr here

Gear 360 pictures from our trip to London

Samsung Gear VR and controller!

Managed to snag a Samsung Gear VR recently for the substantial sum of £20 from CeX. It’san R324 model so not quite the latest but does work with my Galaxy S9 rather well.

As a piece of kit it’s really pretty good – and at £20 if you have a phone to use it (basically S7 up to S10) then I recommend it for a nice way to pass some time. There are some great apps and games available for free and seeing as I have a Gear 360 it’s really pretty cool to see the 360 photos kinda how they should be seen. It was an impulse purchase but one that has proved to be worth it!

If you get the chance to try one or purchase one for as cheap as I managed it – then I say go for it. Quick warning though, it does use the battery on phone very very quickly and make the phone quite warm!

Estyn has significant concerns over education in Powys…

I’ve had awful dealing with Powys County Council over the last 14 months. Not just one department but several, including the Education, Social Services and even the general County Council side…
They have been abject most of the time – reactive not proactive, unable to tell the truth and have covered up serious issues to make sure they don’t look bad…

Read these articles and see how poor they are…

I think it’s pretty clear that Powys County Council in general performs poorly, which has been my experience over the last 14 month. Rosemary harris appears unable to keep staff and unable to arrest the sliding performance of the County Council. Just another nail in the coffin of Poor Powys

Social Worker faces Fitness To Practice hearing…

Having dealt with social services in Powys many times over the last 13 or so months I can really understand how this has happened. I wonder if Ali Bulman really understands or even knows how poor many of her members of staff are? Whilst dealing with the issues I had, which ultimately were steamrollered through against me by Powys County Council I was lied to brazenly, spoken to really badly and some members of staff were simply rude or obnoxious. The reports generated were often factually incorrect, were 9 times out of 10 late or incomplete, and then these reports were rehashed or cut n pasted by subsequent social workers so the errors were replicated along the lines. Even the spelling was atrocious and the name of the child they were supposed to be looking after spelt incorrectly!!! The District Judge even criticised the performance (not) shown along the way. And yet as I met others in the same boat they relayed exactly the same experience in their cases. How can a people focused service be so poor in execution? The staff were often aggressive and showed little empathy. They were rigid and inflexible and believed one side all the time even after realising that this side had lied because they wanted to keep face. If you then add in that they put pressure on other services like education to keep along with this deceit it really shows a service that is not fit for purpose

I’d welcome Ali Bulman to contact me, in fact I’d love to hear from her. It’s not going to happen because she will be scared with what I say about her performance, because as head of a service the buck stops with her…

Oh and Ali – your staff have my contact details. They just fail to actually use them to help themselves. Oh and you *may* want to get them to understand GDPR as well as they have broken it numerous times towards me…
I was often able to hear details about other “clients” whilst on the phone for example…

Engaged 4 years today ;)

It is 4 years since myself and Sian got engaged….

Now we’re married and much better than marriage attempt number 1 it is too 😉

Here’s to many more years happily married!

Love you x