Sir Nigel Gresley – 28th February 2009

Going to Bescot to see Sir Nigel Gresley (A4 Steam Engine) on 28th Feb 2009. Haven’t seen an A4 for a good few years, and will be a decent photo op.

*Update* Due to Bex’s illness, we’re off for a night in Porthmadog instead, take in the Ffestiniog railway and Portmerion. We shall go and visit Sir Nige later on, as it’s at the Severn Vally Railway!

My 365!

Welcome to my 365, a picture a day throughout 2009!

So far, so good, though a dose of man flu has meant I haven’t taken as many shots as I wanted to already!!


Windows 7 Beta 7000 installed…

I’ve installed the latest beta, and so far it’s looking good. A few strange crashes and restarts, but it’s running on my homeserver quite well. XAMPP is installed to test web stuff out, and generally I’m inpressed!

More soon….

Welcome to the all new 3DCANDY! Blog!

Welcome to the all new 3DCANDY! Blog! I first planned to get this up and running on Jan 1st 2009, but various problems scuppered that…but better late than never. Decide to use WordPress as the blog system, 1st time for that, so we’ll see how we get on eh!

Anyway, take care all