Estyn has significant concerns over education in Powys…

I’ve had awful dealing with Powys County Council over the last 14 months. Not just one department but several, including the Education, Social Services and even the general County Council side…
They have been abject most of the time – reactive not proactive, unable to tell the truth and have covered up serious issues to make sure they don’t look bad…

Read these articles and see how poor they are…

I think it’s pretty clear that Powys County Council in general performs poorly, which has been my experience over the last 14 month. Rosemary harris appears unable to keep staff and unable to arrest the sliding performance of the County Council. Just another nail in the coffin of Poor Powys

Knucklas Viaduct

Took a trip over to Powys just to take some pics of a viaduct. It is an awesome viaduct though and I did have to fly my drone to get the pics!

Practise makes perfect and I knew I would have to try a bit harder to get some pics that do the viaduct justice. Because it used salvaged stone from a local castle the viaduct is made to look just like a castle!

Despite the windy weather the MJX Bugs3 Pro held up well! Even though it does not have a gimbal the pics are pretty decent

Even Sian gave it the thumbs up!


Had a rather fruitless journey into Powys yesterday – but we got to visit Coed-Y-Dinas in Welshpool. Even better we managed to get a dragon for Sian, a nice red Welsh dragon at that!

I’ve also been trying to sort out my S.P.A.C.E. live event and some little issues with hardware is making it difficult….but once I overcome these we’ll be go!

I recorded a new version of one of the tunes from that project called “Earth Orbit”. This new version is dedicated to my little flower…


The Tarsus Fellowship

It all appears to have gone quiet at my ex-wifes favourite religious organisation. I guess finding out that she is a self confessed sex worker and cock worshipper doesn’t sit very well with them….

I also guess the fact that she is STILL advertising for sex on the tinternet is a big no no as well as seen below

All this whilst our 8 year old daughter is ill – and the adverts say she will happily meet overnight and have sex all night, probably with the help of class a drugs to keep her awake. Not a great role model for our daughter is it. I wonder what her son thinks of all of this as well. All appears very quiet from the Grout family as well – probably can’t believe the fallout. Here’s the historic advert just for good measure…

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*UPDATE* Always good when you can see that someone who is spying on you and their ISP and even the phone and browser.

So that’s a BT IP address in Newtown Powys browsed using a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and then with an iPad running iOS 10.3.3. So I know your IP address and what device you have. Happy browsing people!

I love Google….

I love google and when people put stuff in the public domain and easy to find…

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Hanratty & Co Newtown Powys

I’ve recently had to have dealings with Hanratty & Co to sort out some legal issues I’m having. I’ve always been impressed with how my enquiries have been dealt with, everybody is courteous and fair. If they say they will get back to you – they do. I thoroughly recommend Hanratty & Co if you need a solicitors in the Newtown Powys area.

Hanratty & Co
The Eagles
Shortbridge Street
SY16 2LW

Tel: 01686 626239
Fax : 01686 624052


Website :